Comic 1129 - Learn from the locals

15th Oct 2018, 7:01 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Learn from the locals
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Lackinganame 15th Oct 2018, 7:01 AM edit delete
Ok big change this week, new home page and only one page today. But I am trying out a new update scheduled so the second page this week will be up on Thursday. (10-18-18)

Because these changes are so big please everyone I really need feed back to let me know what you think about a few key points.

1. One page updates on multiple days through out the week.

2. How the new home page functions. (where you able to find the new comic update)

3. Any other thoughts you may have.

Thank you everyone and please share you feed back, this is a big change for me and I am really nerviness about it.

(next update 10-18-18)


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Maryalee 15th Oct 2018, 7:36 PM edit delete reply
Ok, first thing: I normally go through the archive and check the prior two pages for any new comments before progressing to the new page. So let me go do it the right way....

Ok, so the "Home" page is what I thought was the new Landing Page you got from clicking on the banner. So repeating what I said last night, I LIKE! It looks crisp and professional. And it also gives a weight to the strip, letting a new reader know: "Woah...this is no fly-by-night, there's a lot of story here."

Now, current page.... Well I couldn't find anything on the home page to directly go to current page. I had to click on the "SPRIT" (*fix* that, by the way) banner, then click the "Latest" arrow. Frankly it's quicker for me going through the Archive like I'm used to, but that's just because I'm used to it. A reader that was genuinely new would benefit from starting at the first page of new arc, so the layout you have is good for that.

Having that lovely pic of Arua greeting the new reader is also good. Very good. *cough*

Second, your 1st, you know I'm in favor of the multiple updates, but I'll be keeping track of the numbers for you and update with what I see. I've got one for today that I'll get to in just a moment.

As for the actual update: I honestly thought she was going to have them hijack the actual Almier ship and take the fight to the fleet. This works as an interesting guerilla tactic. That party is now going to be cut off from the rest of the fleet so it may take time for them to be missed. They could probably do a bit of snipping cutting away several clean-up crews before anyone on the Almier side got wise.
Maryalee 15th Oct 2018, 7:54 PM edit delete reply
Voting update time.

The weekend still continues to be our big problem area. Last Friday 7 votes, Saturday 3 votes, Sunday 1. Today was predictably back up with 11 votes when I just checked for a monthly total of 117, which is huge for the comic and heading for another record. But because of the slowdown at the end of the week the comic is now only at #336. I say "Only" because yes, we're still at a record ranking, but that #336 is only *20* votes from #300. If the voting had remained consistent I believe we could have made a sizable dent in that. This pattern is just puzzling the Gul'dan out of me....

You can imagine that Imma gonna be *really* interested in seeing the numbers after Thursday's update. EVERYONE KEEP VOTING. You are doing a fantastic job.
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