Comic 1086 - Pour some sugar

11th Jun 2018, 7:02 AM in Spirit of Adventure
Pour some sugar
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Lackinganame 11th Jun 2018, 7:02 AM edit delete
And ending update there... Sorry I did have three pages this week but one of them interrupted the story flow so I had to remove it. Good news is next week should be a four page update.

So did anyone see anything good at e3? I still haven't watch it yet because I am setting the updates up on Sunday.

See more nex... I mean cya next week.

(next update 6-18-18)


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Maryalee 11th Jun 2018, 6:48 PM edit delete reply
That was not a mistake at the update.

Imma sitting here, trying to decide how I would react if that were me in panel 4 instead of Veja. Well, firstly the whole scenario would be REAALLLLLLY a stretch for what we know of Tirea. Second...not sure I would take the friendship route as Veja seems to be signaling. I think he's going to be the gentleman here and reassure Tirea that he's not ready to cross that line just "yet", but he still values her as a close friend. That's gonna be an interesting tightrope.

So, Imma sorry Tirea, I definitely think U Got The Look, but I don't think yer gonna be Armageddon It tonight.

Yah, I know,...Love Bites.

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